Monday, November 19, 2012

Men And Our Meat - The No GMO Way

There's just no doubt that Beef prices are about to get whacky in early 2013. And with GMO, hormone injected cuts projected to be the most economical choice, well then maybe it's a good time to quit.

Now I'm not going to tell someone to stop eating red meat. I still eat it from time to time and it's un-American to tell people what to do.  However, meat eaters must beware of the new normal created by the devastating realities of Climate Change. The Great Drought of 2012 by in large will change how and where you buy your next prime and if you choose to shop at the big box stores, you better believe your "Choice" won't be GMO free.

So, let talks about What you should buy and how you do it. A buddy of mine once joked that Whole Foods really means Whole Paycheck. While that may be funny now, no one will be laughing over the rise of food cost by 3% - 4%, and Beef to rise by 4% - 5% (not to mention the pending bacon apocalypse)! But I'm determined and joyous after searching around San Diego for solutions.

First, I can join a beef CSA. My new buddy, Justin Noble, works for his Father Phil Noble at Sage Mountain Farm and they both tout that their steers only eat grass and vegetables and have never even seen corn or dry grains. These are good people selling local certified organic food and their prices are reasonable. I believe that buying into a CSA now will lock in the price for 2013 but you'll have to check with my boys.

Also check with Edibles San Diego:

The other way to do this is to find a good ole fashion butcher who sells Grass Fed Beef where the cows graze on native, organic grasses (aka a GMO free diet) like our new friends at Homegrown Meats up on Palomar Mountain.

I recently tried a Chuck Roast (top picture) for a beef stew and it was amazing! Their selection was great, their hours are convenient, and their prices are decent considering we might have another Dust Bowl on our hands.

By the way, did anyone see Ken Burn's The Dust Bowl on PBS? It was awesome!

Read more about their cows and take a trip over to see them before the lines look like a Black friday sale!

I also recommend a good GMO free Digestive Enzyme

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